Sewer Services

Sewer Rates

Effective May 1 of each year, the monthly sewer rates shall increase 2.5% per Ordinance No. 626. A household's monthly rate is based on a three-month average from your December, January, and February water bills. Monthly water consumption records shall be obtained by the City of Basehor from both water companies. The City Council determines the rate to be charged per 1,000 gallons. All properties outside the city limits connected to the Basehor sewer system shall pay 150% of the established rate.

New residents to the City of Basehor which have not established a water usage history of consumption will be charged a median base rate until three full consecutive months of water usage can be provided. Residents are allowed to bring in their 3 most recent water bills from either Suburban Water or Consolidated Dist. Number 1 water departments for a re-evaluation of the assigned rate. The detailed policy may be reviewed at City Hall upon request during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Minimum and Vacant Rates are based on 1,500 gallons per month.

  1. Connie Leggett

    Utility Billing Clerk
    Phone: 913-724-1370, ext. 21

Return these forms and monthly payments to the City in one of four convenient ways:

  • In Person:
    City Hall
    Front Desk Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    or our Drop Box
    2620 N 155th Street
    Basehor, KS 66007
  • Mail to:
    Basehor Sewer Department
    P.O. Box 406
    Basehor, KS 66007
  • Online:
    Online Bill Pay
    The account number and last name on the account are required to pay online