Mission & Values

Mission & Values

The Basehor Police Department's priority is the safety and welfare of citizens and the men and women who protect them. They are committed to working in partnership with their community to improve the quality of life in Basehor. Our mission is to provide police services in a fair, courteous, and efficient manner. Everyone will be treated with compassion and respect without bias. The Department achieves this through the efforts of its sworn officers and support personnel.

Philosophy of the Chief of Police

  • Trust: I trust our employees to be professional. I hold every employee accountable and responsible for his or her own actions. Therefore, everyone shall be treated with respect.
  • Commitment to Duty: Our employees must have a desire and passion for serving the public. The commitment to serving the people must be evident to include integrity, honesty, professionalism, and the goal to always improve and learn more in this profession.
  • Confidence to Achieve: I shall assemble a professional staff to serve this growing community. I desire only the best candidates our government can provide with what we have to offer.
  • Open Door Policy: I have an "Open Door Policy" for employees, politicians, city management, and the general public 24-hours a day.

Discriminatory Harassment Policy

Discriminatory Harassment Policy PDF