Fines, Accident Cases & State Fees


The amount of fines assessed by the Court is affected by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fines, even if you are guilty. However, aggravated circumstances may increase the fines. All fines are assessed by the Judge.

Accident Cases

The Municipal Court has no jurisdiction over damages caused by an auto accident. Settlement of damages is a matter for a Civil Court to decide and in order to recover for any damages you will have to file a separate civil suit in another Court. Municipal Court hears only criminal misdemeanor cases in violation of city ordinances.

State Fees

Effective July 1992, the State of Kansas has ordered the Municipal Courts to collect a fee on each case that involves a moving violation, criminal charge or violation of city ordinance. The fee is forwarded to the State of Kansas and goes to the Law Enforcement Training Center Fund. There is also a fee for the Judicial Education Fund. The City is required to collect this fee which is forwarded to the State of Kansas. These fees are factored into your fine amount.