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11-01-2017 Work Session Agenda  

Discuss Casey's CMB License; Rezoning Stimetz Subdivision-Ordinance No. 709; Mayfield Subdivision Preliminary Plat-Ordinance No. 710; Mayfield Subdivision Final Plat-Ordinance No. 711; Parallel Park Subdivision Replat-Ordinance No. 712; Annexation of Property located at 17550 157th Terrace-Ordinance No. 713; Annexation of Property located at 15900 Conley Road-Ordinance No. 714; Mize Houser External Audit-Resolution 2017-29; Sidewalk Requirements in Zoning Ordinance-Ordinance No. 715; Sidewalk Subdivision Regulations-Ordinance No. 716; Executive Session (If Needed) 

Meeting Type  Work Session

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