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Category: Charter Ordinances
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Charter Ordinance No. 1 Download

Election of the Mayor and Councilmen

Charter Ordinance No. 2 Download

Ability to Levy Taxes

Charter Ordinance No. 3 Download

Uniform System of Fiscal Procedures, Accounting and Reporting for Municipalities and for Annual Audits

Charter Ordinance No. 4 Download

Opt Out of Kansas Property Tax Lid Law

Charter Ordinance No. 5 Download

Appointment of City Officers

Charter Ordinance No. 6 Download

Residency Requirement for Appointed City Officers

Charter Ordinance No. 7 Download

Definition of a Council Quorum

Charter Ordinance No. 8 Download

Ordinance pledging the General Purpose for the future use of the revenues to be received by the city of Basehor from 1% county wide sales tax if the same is approved by the voters.

Charter Ordinance No. 9 Download

Ability to Increase the Aggregate Tax Levy Limitiation by an Amount Not to Exceed 10 Mills

Charter Ordiannce No. 10 Download

Ability to Levy Excise Tax

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