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Ordinance No. 12 Download

No private peddling within the city unless invited by homeowner

Ordinance No. 15 Download

Dog kennel licensing regulations for, and penalities for violation

Ordinance No. 18 Download

Officially names the streets of city

Ordinance No. 20 Download

Relates to the sale of cereal malt beverages

Ordinance No. 26 Download

Declares the necessity of condemning certain private property to construct sewer facilities and acquire easements for sewer lines

Ordinance No. 41 Download

Requires all houses in city to have House Numbers on Houses

Ordinance No. 99 Download

Provides that any property with 3 or more living units be regarded as a commercial property for garbage purposes.

Ordinance No. 109 Download

Changes street name in the rickles subdivision.

Ordinance No. 110 Download

Establishes a street naming, numbering, and house numbering system for the city

Ordinance No. 137 Download

Establishes a separate "Facility Fund" and puts it into the books of the City Clerk and Treasurer. 

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