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Category: Public Safety
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Ordinance No. 5 Download

Adopts Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities

Ordinance No. 10 Download

Relates to nuisances and the abatement of them 

Ordinance No. 11 Download

Regulates, license, registers, and keeping of dogs in city

Ordinance No. 31 Download

Offenses against property and penalities for violation

Ordinance No. 32 Download

Offenses against public peace

Ordinance No. 38 Download

Establishes curfew for people under 18 years of age and the penalties to violate ordinance

Ordinance No. 48 Download

Adopts "Standard Traffic Ordinance" 1971

Ordinance No. 79 Download

Amends Ordinance No. 11 regulating, licensing, registering and keeping of dogs

Ordinance No. 81 Download

Adopts Chapter 41, Kansas Statutes Annotated. Give rules for sale, possession, and transportation of alcholic liquor. Give penalities and operations of open saloons 

Ordinance No. 82 Download

Amends Ordinance 20 and provides licensing fees.

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