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Ordinance No. 1 Download

Regular meetings of city council will be held the first Tuesday of every month at 8PM.

Ordinance No. 2 Download

Designates offical paper for city (Tonganoxie Mirror)

Ordinance No. 14 Download

Relates to the election of Mayor and City Council

Ordinance No. 19 Download

Meeting of City Council will be held first Tuesday of every Month

Ordinance No. 47 Download

Enlarges Planning Commission from 7 to 9 members

Ordinance No. 54 Download

Designates the official paper of the city

Ordinance No. 91 Download

Provides for annual salary of municipal judge

Ordinance No. 97 Download

Provides salaries for various city officers

Ordinance No. 98 Download

Establishes a municipal court clerk, duties, and salary.

Ordinance No. 100 Download

Designates official paper for the city

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